Lea Paulsen has a background in architecture and a passion for textiles. Combining skills and knowledge from both fields she currently works with site specific textiles installations and set design.

Paulsen’s practice centeres around textile as a soft and dynamic manifestation in the static framework of architecture, making gravity visible, animating the fluctuations in wind, movement and light, aiming to render new spatial experiences and linking art and architecture.

Paulsen has researched the interdisciplinary field of textiles in the realm of architecture in countries such as Japan and Sweden. Always exploring, she established an atelier in Copenhagen in 2018 where she is developing techniques for hand dying.

Paulsen is available for collaborations with architecture offices, and producing bespoke textile pieces and set design.


Article Arkitektforeningen - The Danish Association of Architects - by Dorte Maria Vestergaard

Ality review Magasinet Kunst by Sofie Ramji

Ality review Kunstkritikk by Mette Woller

Lowlands HAUT

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